Energy Efficiency Programs

Staples Energy has saved utilities, utility customers, municipalities and statewide programs hundreds of millions of kilowatt hours of energy through the implementation of single- and multi-family residential, commercial, and small business programs. We currently maintain the following California licenses:

  • Class B (General Building Contractor)
  • Class C10 (Electrical)
  • Class C20 (Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning)
  • Class C36 (Plumbing)

Non-Residential Programs

Our non-residential programs service commercial and small-business customers whose facilities meet energy usage requirements set by the utility companies who serve them. Our teams use Energy Snapshot™ to conduct free energy assessments to calculate energy savings, cost savings, and payback period onsite. We then follow up with expert installation of available incentives that will:

  • ENHANCE a facility's aesthetics
  • EXTEND equipment life and improve its reliability
  • INCREASE employee productivity by reducing maintenance
  • SPEED UP return on investment through valuable incentives
  • INCREASE safety with better visibility through LED lighting upgrades

Residential Programs

Our Energy Specialists conduct walk-through assessments to identify inefficiencies and recommend improvements to help make a home safer, more energy efficient and comfortable. After an assessment is done, our installation crews follow closely behind to install free and low-cost customized home improvements, and repair or replace appliances where qualified. Improvements may include replacement refrigerator, furnace, water heater, insulation and weatherproofing, and LED bulbs that use up to 70 percent less energy. Click here to find the Staples Energy residential service provider location nearest you.

Government and Utility Programs

The Staples Energy staff has the experience, capacity, and flexibility to achieve program savings goals on behalf of utilities and government clients. We offer full service program design and implementation including boots-on-the-ground energy specialists, multi-lingual call center, marketing and outreach, invoicing, and incentive processing services.

Unique to our capabilities is our proprietary assessment tool, Energy Snapshot™. Energy Snapshot provides real-time data access to see what’s trending and improves forecasting. Snapshot keeps track of installation activity and customers, and improves program evaluation, measurement, and verification results. For Program Allies, Energy Snapshot streamlines the application process, produces proposals on demand, and functions with or without internet connection.

What to expect from us.

Project Management

Budgeting, invoicing, data collection/management and reporting services, work papers and savings calculations

Assessments and Audits to Meet Program Needs

From measure-specific assessments to ASHRAE Audits – all levels

Onsite ROI Calculation

Calculating energy savings, cost savings and payback period onsite with the Energy SnapShot

Direct Installation of Measures

Conveniently located certified electricians and weatherization specialists experienced in energy efficiency

Data Collection, Storage, Management and Reporting

Our customized database gathers, collates, tracks and reports project data to client specifications

Extensive Quality Control and Quality Assurance Services

Quality is a Core Value, assured through ongoing employee training and strict onsite inspection protocols

Call Center

Telemarketing, project scheduling and customer support provided by our full-service, bilingual Call Center

Marketing, Outreach and Education

Getting results through community-based social marketing strategies and grass-roots outreach since 1998

Customer Satisfaction Systems and Services

Staples Energy provides customers with a single point of contact and uses follow-up surveys to ensure satisfaction

Professionally Attired Crews

Professionally attired crews feature prominently displayed employee and vehicle IDs