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Staples Energy delivers energy savings to homes, businesses and public facilities. With current operations in California, Wisconsin and Illinois, our certified journeyman electricians, BPI raters, solar, and weatherization specialists work with customers to provide energy upgrades that result in long-term savings on utility bills and a safer, more inviting environment.

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Staples Energy is a leading provider of energy efficiency programs. Our philosophy is to hire good people and find a way to utilize their strengths. If you value safety, integrity, teamwork, quality, and knowledge, we would love to have you come grow with us.

We partner with utility companies and municipalities to implement energy savings programs.

Our Energy Specialists can identify every possible way you can save money on your energy bills, then utilize incentives available to you through local energy efficiency programs to install money-saving upgrades for free or at a discounted rate. Our certified technicians will install those measures and you enjoy the savings, comfort and added value of your home.

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Your energy use at a glance

Energy SnapShot is our web and tablet based tool built specifically for Trade Ally delivered programs. In addition to real-time access to energy data and forcasting, Energy Snapshot generates customized assessment reports, work orders, and more.

Government and Utilities

The Staples Team has partnered with city and statewide utilities for over 30 years, earning their respect for our processes and the value our experience brings to the table.

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Fueled by creativity and efficiency, Staples & Associates delivers dynamic solutions in the fields of energy, golf and entertainment.

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