Direct Install Program

Reducing energy paves the way to lower operating costs and a better profit margin. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), VIEW Energy Watch and Staples Energy have collaborated to help PG&E commercial customers realize immediate and long-term energy savings. Participating business customers will receive:

  • Assessment of their savings opportunities
  • Recommendations for energy efficiency equipment
  • Estimate of the energy and money that could be saved by having the equipment installed
  • Instant payback analysis

Once an assessment and payback analysis are done

Measures & Incentives

The types of businesses that benefit greatly from this program include retails shops convenience and liquor stores, gas stations and restaurants. These facilities generally have longer hours of operation and/or food and beverage coolers with motors and fans that operate around the clock. Available measures include but are not limited to:

  • LED reach-in cooler and freezer lights (6' and 5')
  • Anti-sweat controls for freezer and cooler
  • Evaporator fan motor and controls
  • Auto door closer/assist for freezer and cooler
  • TLEDs (4')
  • Exterior LEDs
  • LED panels
  • LED high bays
  • LED magnetic strips
  • Vending misers
  • Pre-rinse spray nozzle

Customer Eligibility

The SBDI Program is open to business customers with valid non-residential, commercial PG&E electric and/or gas accounts under 200 kW per month. Customers cannot receive a rebate for the same product or equipment from more than one California Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) or third party energy-efficiency program offering rebates, financing or other rebates funded with CPUC Public Goods Charge funds. Products discounted by PG&E at the point of sale are not eligible for additional rebates.

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