Direct Install Programs

Many states make incentives available to business owners for a long list of energy efficiency measures including LED lighting and refrigeration and HVAC measures. These Direct Install programs include a free energy assessment to determine how much money could be saved on energy bills by upgrading more energy efficient products, and installation of qualified measures.

Wisconsin Business Program

In Wisconsin, Staples Energy is a Platinum trade ally for the Focus on Energy Business Program. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses across the state of Wisconsin realize significant energy savings and lower monthly utility bills. Our Energy Advisors conduct free energy assessments and installation is handled by our own trained and certified technicians.

Key incentives available through the Focus on Energy Busines Program include interior and exterior LED lamps and fixtures, energy efficient walk-in and reach-in cooler motors and controls, cold case lighting, and anti-sweat door heater controls.

To date, Staples Energy technicians have installed:
  • 3,314 EC motors
  • 2,236 evaporator fan controls
  • 6,055 anti-sweat door heater controls

In addition to the energy savings and savings on their monthly utility bills, Staples Energy has helped Wisconsin business owners save over $1.5 million in installation costs with incentives available through Focus on Energy.

Northern Illinois Small Business Program

Staples Energy has trained more than 200 service providers on installation of lighting, refrigeration, compressed air and HVAC measures available though their utility's small business incentive programs. We've conducted more than 2,100 quality assurance inspections since 2016.

Southern Illinois Small Business Program

Since 2017, Staples Energy has trained more than 60 Program Allies to participate in their utility's small business program. We've conducted more than 1,100 quality assurance inspections on completed installation projects. Those projects help southern Illinois save more than 78,000,000 kWh or energy annually.

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