Find profit through energy savings.

One of the simplest ways to increase profit for your business on a long-term and consistent basis is to upgrade your existing lighting and refrigeration equipment to more energy efficient versions. Two great places to start are your lighting and refrigeration.


Ways we save you money

Upgrading your lighting

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps consume very little energy in comparison to their incandescent or fluorescent counterparts. The lifespan of LEDs is also 2-4 times longer than most fluorescent bulbs, and 40 times longer than that of incandescent. LEDs come with many non-energy related benefits as well. Because they consume very little energy, LEDs produce very little heat. And the light emitted by LEDs is much more true-to-life, revealing actual colors much better than fluorescent or incandescent. LEDs come to full brightness instantly and operate well in any temperature whereas fluorescent lamps need time to warm up.

Upgrading your refrigeration

Replacing older cooler motors with Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs) presents even greater opportunity for energy savings. ECMs regulate their own speed, so they adjust airflow depending on demand. By slowing itself down during times of little demand, your savings go up!

It's important to note that all new coolers come with ECMs already installed. By upgrading your existing coolers with ECMs you'll be extending the of your existing equipment while saving money on your energy bills!

Benefits to you include:

  • A FREE energy assessment showing savings opportunities
  • Immediate energy savings from direct installation of energy efficient products
  • Installation by a local contractor
  • Lower monthly energy costs
  • Support from a Small Business Program Energy Advisor

At the top of our game

Professionally trained and attired crews provide energy assessment and auditing services. Our installation crews are fully licensed and conduct energy efficiency improvements with a focus on customer satisfaction and safety.

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