Main Street Station - Jefferson, WI

Main Street Station opened in the Fall of 1996. When owner Jeff Niebler built the site it was state-of-the-art, with convenience store, Shell fuel, and touch-less car wash. Niebler added, "Yes, state-of-the-art. But back then I had a bag phone in my car." Twenty years of technological advances was leaving Jeff's store appearing tired, outdated, and functionally inaffective. "Essentially, it was losing its place in the appeal of our community, he said."

Energy costs for lighting had increased dramatically, too. To cut expenses, store fixtures inside and outs had been abandoned, adding to the store's deteriorating appearance.

Niebler learned about the Focus on Energy Small Business Program through Staples Energy's sales efforts and local utility communications. "Upgrading to LED fixtures increased our curb appeal dramatically inside, on the store facia, and under the fueling canopies. LED pole lights in the parking areas provided increased safety and efficiency along with reduced energy costs, as well."

The Focus on Energy Program allowed Main Street Station to regain lost presence in a highly competitive market.

"Staples Energy provided professional and efficient staff and expertise to complete the project in a timely fashion while affording our store the financial incentives to keep the costs in line with a realistic and workable payback timeline. Thank you, Staples Energy, for working with us to produce this positive outcome.”  - Owner, Jeff Niebler

Natural Gas & Electric Utility:
Jefferson Utilities

Incentives earned:

Annual Energy Savings:
101,845 kWh (projected)

Average Savings on Utility Bill:

Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store - Sussex, WI

The existing lighting at The Main Street Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Sussex, WI, was dim with an unappealing yellow hue. Staples Energy outreach efforts and a visit from Energy Advisor Jim Mikolajczak were enough to convince Store Owner Dennis Lipofski’s that, with incentives through Focus on Energy, it was time to upgrade. The end result is a much brighter, more modern and appealing store that gives shoppers a more pleasant experience.

“Just wanted to say a few words of praise. Through Staples Energy's assistance, we small business owners are able to improve our facilities and save money doing so. It's had a very positive impact on our customers' shopping experience. Thank you for the partnership in our success!”  - Owner, Dennis Lipofski

Electric Utility:
WE Energies

Annual Energy Savings:
62,125 kWh (projected)

Carlsbad Unified School District - Carlsbad, CA

This letter of appreciation was sent to Staples Energy for replaced outdated fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED lighting across the Carlsbad Unified School District in SW California. The work was done through the Business Energy Solutions Program offered by San Diego Gas & Electric.

Wisconsin Lutheren High School - Milwaukee, WI

In late 2018, Staples Energy was contracted by Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS) in Milwaukee to upgrade the lighting in a few areas of their facilities from T12 and T8 fluorescent to type B LED tubes. During the Christmas break while students were off, Staples crews installed 1,132 tubes in the hallways, cafeteria, and kitchen. When students and staff returned from break, they were greeted by brighter hallways and work areas, which is especially important during winter months when daylight hours are at a minimum.

Impressed by the results of the work that was completed, WLHS requested that Staples crews revisit and replace the lighting in their auxiliary gym with LEDs as well. The project was completed during the school’s 2019 spring break, again while students were away.

Fast forward to summer break and Staples crews were asked to return once again, only this time to install 3,800 type B LEDs in the remaining classrooms, offices, bathrooms, and locker rooms.

By replacing nearly 5,000 dim, outdated fluorescent tubes with bright and efficient LEDs, WLHS will be saving approximately 145,903 kWh of energy annually, and a savings of over $16,000 per year on their utility bills. This represents an enormous savings for a privately-funded high school of approximately 850 students.

The Wisconsin Lutheran High School project exemplifies Staples' core values of Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Quality, and Knowledge.

Electric Utility:
WE Energies

Estimated Annual Energy Savings:
145,903 kWh

Estimated Annual Cost Savings :


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