Following are before and after photos from a sampling of projects completed by Staples Energy installers. By moving the slider back and forth, you'll see the benefits of the programs Staples Energy offers. Most often with little or no cost to the customer! From lighting upgrades for large retailers to duct work sealing in mobile homes, our program benefits have a profound affect on health, safety, appearance, cost and energy savings.

Installing missing insulation

More missing insulation was replaced and sealed beneath this manufactured home.

Repaired insulation that had been cut out

Repairing and replacing insulation beneath a mobile home is critical to a proper weatherization project.

Covering a main duct line

Covering a main duct line beneath a manufactured home will add comfort and energy savings.

Insulation replaced and sealed

This is a severe example of missing insulation that was replaced and sealed by a Staples Energy weatherization crew.

Exposed pipes get insulated

Exposed pipes get sealed off beneath this mobile home, protecting them from the elements and saving lost energy.

Retail Space

Retails space becomes much more inviting with brighter, cleaner LED fixtures.

Retail space

Retail space with heavy traffic and busy shelves becomes much more inviting with a lighting makeover.

Retail Space

Retail space with high ceilings are ideal for the brighter, cleaner light given off by LED lamps.

Storage space

Busy storage areas benefit from an upgrade to LED fixtures, making them easier to navigate and organize.

Break room/common areas

Employees will appreciate break rooms and rest rooms with brighter, more cheerful lighting.

Loading dock

LED lighting in loading docs is a critical improvement to safety and appearance.

Meeting rooms

Adding LED lighting to meeting rooms makes them more appealing, easier on the eyes, and helps employees stay alert.

Small storage areas

Otherwise dingy storage areas get an upgrade to LED lighting, instantly improving safety while making things easier to find.
This pic is an example of the difference it makes when upgrading from fluorescent to LED lighting in commercial facilities. This pic is an example of the difference it makes when upgrading from fluorescent to LED lighting in commercial facilities.

Hallways/common areas

Employees will appreciate the new, cleaner look of hallways and restrooms with updated lighting.
This AFTER photo shows a much brighter, more inviting produce department at a grocery store following installation of replacement LED tubes.

Food Retailer

Grocers and food retailers upgrade to LED making their stores safer and meat & produce much more appealing.

Cattle Barn

Brighter lighting and controls is proven to improve milk production in dairy cows and gives this barn a much cleaner look.
Rooftop Before Solar Panels Installed Rooftop After Solar Panels Installed

Residential Solar

Before and after photos of a recent solar installation done by a Staples Energy crew.
Concrete had to be removed in order to install wiring for EV charging stations in this bank parking lot Level 3 EV Charging Stations installed by Staples Energy at a bank in Sanford

Level 3 EV Charging Stations

Fast-charge EV charging stations installed in a Sanford, CA bank parking lot for customer use