Energy-Saving Home Improvements at Little or No Cost to You

Whether you rent or own a single-family, multi-family, or manufactured home, Staples Energy can help identify and improve inefficiencies in your home's heating, cooling, and insulation that will help make it safer, more comfortable, and cheaper to operate. By partnering with utility providers and implementing their energy efficiency programs, we can often make these improvements at either low- or no-cost to you.

Residential family

California Energy Savings Assistance Program

As a proud contractor of the Energy Savings Assistance Program, Staples Energy can help identify energy inefficiencies in your home and provide low- and no-cost improvements to help make it more energy efficient, safe, and comfortable. The Energy Savings Assistance Program is available to qualified Pacific Gas & Electric ratepayers whose house, apartment, or mobile home is at least five years old. Both renters and owners are eligible.

Once pre-qualified by a bi-lingual Staples Energy representative through our call center, a Staples Energy Advisor will stop by to assess your home's energy efficiency and offer a list of available improvements. Technicians will then install the agreed-upon improvements, often on the same day. These improvements can include door and window weatherstripping, attic insulation, select LED lighting, even repair or replacement of your furnace, water heater, or refrigerator where qualified. Finally, we'll perform a post-installation inspection to ensure the work was done safely, neatly, and in a professional manner.

Additional commercial and residential energy efficiency programs are available for those outside of Pacific Gas and Electric's service territory. Please call us at 877-909-0930 for more information.

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