Improve your home at no cost.

As a participating Pacific Gas and Electric Company Program sub-contractor, Staples Energy can help identify inefficiencies in your home and provide no-cost improvements to help make it more energy efficient, safe and comfortable.

Residential family

What we do.

We assess your home’s energy efficiency to determine where you could benefit from installation of low- and no-cost home improvements. Our certified team of technicians will install customized measures like weatherstripping, attic insulation, replacement glass, LED bulbs, and even repair or replace your furnace, water heater or refrigerator. Finally, we perform a post-installation inspection if needed.

Operating in California.

The Energy Savings Assistance Program is available only to Pacific Gas & Electric ratepayers. But additional residential programs are available for those outside of Pacific Gas and Electric's territory. Please call us at 877-909-0930 for more information.