What is a Trade Ally?

A Trade Ally (TA) is a contractor participating in a utility-offered energy efficiency direct install (DI) program. The typical role of a TA is to notify their customers about energy efficiency programs being offered by their local utility provider. A TA will perform an energy assessment at the customer's home or business to determine: A) where energy savings could be realized; B) where program incentives could be applied to help reduce cost; and C) approximately how quickly the project will pay for itself in savings on their monthly utility bills.



Staples Energy is unique in that we have in-house capabilities to fully implement a direct install program on behalf of a utility company. We can also serve as a partner-contractor.

As a program implementor, Staples Energy will recruit, train, and manage a network of trade allies either regionally or statewide. We also developed Energy Snapshot™, a database software created specifically for energy efficiency direct install programs. Snapshot is used to collect data relative to a building type, along with customer info, energy use and existing equipment. The data is compiled and an energy analysis, or Snapshot, is generated. The data will inform and guide the installing process, reporting, and invoicing. Trade allies appreciate Snapshot for its easy enrollment process, immediate proposal delivery, easy measure entry, and ability to function with or without internet access.


Staples Energy has dozens of boots-on-the-ground energy advisors, trainers and installation crews across California, Wisconsin and Illinois, This makes us an ideal partner for program implementors. Our staff includes certified and journeyman electricians, BPI raters, weatherization specialists, refrigeration and HVAC technicians, certified solar and EV charging station installers, trainers and inspectors.

Our DI approach combines expertise in both residential and non-residential programs. Typical energy efficiency upgrades for businesses include interior and exterior LED replacement lighting, cooler motors and controls, and anti-sweat door heaters. Upgrades for homeowners can include lighting, appliances, attic insulation, windows, doors, window and door weather stripping, and low-flower shower heads and faucet aerators.


We're excited to help our Trade Allies succeed. Please contact us with any questions.