Direct Installation – The Lifeblood of Energy Efficiency

Direct Install (DI) programs are the lifeblood of energy efficiency portfolios. The Staples Energy staff has experience, capacity, and flexibility on our side to achieve your program’s savings goals.

We offer full-service program design and implementation, including boots-on-the-ground, call center, marketing, invoicing, and incentive processing services. We also conduct quality assurance visits and calls to track successes and challenges.

Energy Snapshot

Unique to our capabilities is our proprietary energy assessment tool, Energy Snapshot™. For program administrators, Energy Snapshot provides real-time data access to see what’s trending and improves forecasting. Snapshot keeps track of Program Ally activity and customers, improving program evaluation, measurement and verification results. For Program Allies (aka Trade Allies), Snapshot streamlines the application process, produces proposals on demand, and functions with or without internet connection.

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