Weatherization Services for Income-Qualified Residential Customers

As a participating sub-contractor for Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Energy Savings Assistance Program, Staples Energy provides income-qualified residential customers with free home retrofits that reduce gas and electric usage.

Among the list of services our installation crews perform are weather stripping around windows and doors, weatherization of outlet and switch plate openings, duct testing and sealing, window and door replacement as necessary, and installation of low-flow faucet aerators, shower heads, and high efficiency toilets.

Founded as a marketing agency in 1976, Staples has worked with many different clients from private to state and federal government. In 1998, our marketing expertise took us to California where we assisted utilities and local governments with the marketing of energy efficient mortgages. Our firm then expanded into direct installation services and in 2007 received our contractor’s license to become a full-service direct installation company. We now offer energy efficiency program design and implementation, as well as HVAC repair and installation, solar panel installation, and installation of EV charging stations. We currently maintain the following California licenses:

Class B (General Building Contractor)

Class C10 (Electrical)

Class C20 (Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning)

Class C36 (Plumbing)

We have developed and use energy modeling software and are proficient in working with Pacific Gas and Electric Company on job submission review and processing.

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