Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - Residential and Commercial

Staples Energy has been providing energy efficiency installation services for over 15 years. We've expanded our services to now include EV charging solutions.

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Extended hand inserting EV charger into side charging compartment of a vehicle
EV charger being plugged into vehicle

Advantages of adding an EV charging station:

To your business:

  • Attract eco-conscious customers
  • Create an additional revenue source
  • Prepare your business for the future
  • Showcase your commitment to sustainability

To your home:

  • Add value
  • Make your property more attractive to potential buyers
  • Prepare your home for the future
  • Showcase your commitment to sustainability

Take advantage of new federal tax credits in 2023! Call for details.

Meet with a Staples Energy Specialist either in-person or remotely. We'll help determine which EV charger and software combination best suits your needs. We offer products from Loop and ChargePoint, both leaders in EV charging technology.

We can also discuss any current state and federal tax credits available, warranty, financing options, and installation timeline. Request a free consultation here, or contact us 1-888-481-3282 or evcharging@staplesenergy.com

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