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Our $99 Diagnostic and Repair services are just what you need! Properly functioning heating and AC systems not only help save money on your utility bills, but provide cleaner, healthier air, increased comfort, and protect the environment. Regular maintenance by HVAC technicians will also extend the life of your systems, and many warranties require proof of annual maintenance before a claim will be paid. Check out our HVAC flyers in both English and Español.

HVAC technician performing furnace repair
Voltage meters help HVAC technicians diagnose problems

Our $99 Diagnostic and Service Special for FURNACES includes:

  • Inspecting heat exchangers for damage and cracks
  • Clearing burners of built-up soot
  • Adjusting inlet and outlet gas pressure
  • Inspecting electrical wires for damage or wear
  • Inspecting safety limit and pressure switches

Our $99 Diagnostic and Service Special for AC UNITS includes:

  • Washing and disinfecting indoor and outdoor coils
  • Flushing evaporator condensation lines
  • Checking pressure and refrigeration levels
  • Inspecting and cleaning electrical connections
  • Lubricating motors

*Price before tax. Offer subject to change.

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