Government Partnerships

Staples understands the urgency for reducing local energy use and better managing energy costs

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total number of171MUNICIPAL BUILDINGS RETROFITTEDtotal kWH saved5,253,742BY MUNICIPALITIEStotal dollars saved$788,061BY SMALL BUSINESSES (SINCE 2010)

Staples Energy helps government partnerships:

  • achieve energy savings in their own buildings
  • inform residents and businesses of energy saving opportunitiesĀ 
  • manage overall energy use and identify new opportunities to save.

We understand the pressure…

… placed on government partnerships to lower energy bills. We also know the immediate benefits that municipalities can achieve when they look at their current energy use and take action.

We can also appreciate the staffing issues that government partnerships face. Budget and staffing cuts create serious problems and can immediately derail energy efficiency plans. Even the best intentions can be forced off track when these obstacles arise.

Through our experience and flexibility we can help you by developing creative solutions to overcome these challenges.

One of the challenges that municipalities and government partnerships have is determining which energy efficiency projects are the most important and provide the best payback. Our energy specialists help by conducting audits of your facilities and identifying the improvements that offer the quickest return on investment. We understand the importance of limiting cost and maximizing savings. We help identify utility, state and federal incentives that will help pay for the improvements and decrease your payback time.

Over the past year, the city of Santa Maria reduced its electricity use by over 133,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, saving it $20,000 annually. David J. Whitehead, P.E.